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Just a little effort

Dinner wasn't just hot dogs and fries tonight. When I feel lazy, I pull whatever is in the freezer and reheat. Today it happened to be homemade hot dog buns I made a month ago. They were just as tasty as when I first made them. I fried up the hot dogs instead of just boiling them. Honey thinks it's weird, but I usually top my hot dog with mayonnaise, mustard, and relish.
To complement the hot dogs were oven baked fries. I had one sweet potato left so I mixed it up with the potatoes. I cut them up, tossed them in oil and a little salt, and put them in the oven for an hour. I know it sounds like a long time after a hard days work, but if prepared right when getting home and put in the oven you can spend the next hr getting settled for the rest of your evening. Get the kiddy out of the school clothes, walk the dog, exercise, read your emails...all things you would be doing anyway.
Sometimes having one awesome part to the dinner makes it taste as if it were the first time ever eat…