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Food frenzy in NYC

I'm back and with a vengeance. I went on a short trip, and I truly fooled myself into thinking that I would still post recipes on Wednesday and Friday. I apologize to you for not posting, but I had a wonderful time.
The upside to living in New York, is that New York City is only a 5 hour drive away. Honey went on a business trip, so I filled up my gas tank and took a three day trip with the little one and my dog. This is my second time down there, and both times I've been able to stay with my best friend and Bebe's Godmother. And fortunately she's been able to take the time to show us around.
We got to her house during lunch on Wednesday, so we were hungry. We ordered in since it was rainy and had some really good Thai takeout. Thai Time was really good considering my friend had never eaten there before. I had the yellow curry which was supposed to be a little spicy, but it was not spicy at all. It came with a delicious miso soup. My friend had Pad Thai, and it was so also really good, but not spicy either. One lunch plate could have been enough for the both of us if we had ordered a side of spring rolls; the plates are fairly large. For dinner we had a really good chicken at home that my friend's uncle, a chef, prepared for us.
The next day we were out by 10, and went to Target. I've never been to a 2 story Target, but it's still the same with maybe a larger grocery area than normal. So you can totally buy food in Brooklyn without having to spend too much on eating out.  For lunch we had my favorite, pizza. We went down a couple of blocks to Not Ray's Pizzaria. The pizza there is a little thicker than your normal NYC pizza, which I really like. We also had some garlic knots that were so so good. The guy was nice enough to give me 6 instead of the 4 that comes with each order. I will totally go there again.
On this day we went to the Brooklyn Bridge Park to get some of Bebe's energy out, and past by Jacques Torres Chocolates, which I had already made it a point to go. A tour bus had just stopped there when we arrived, so it was full. That little store had sweets from top to bottom. We sat down with our coffee and cookies.  It was wonderful. I was looking at getting some chocolates and had a sample of there hot chocolate. It was so creamy and chocolaty, I had to take some home. The chocolate chip cookie can be requested warmed, and it was so gooey and good that Bebe didn't want to let go of it even as he fell asleep in his stroller. That place is great!

We still continued on, and my friend's uncle took us to Coney Island. During this time of year nothing is open, but it was cool to see where the annual Hot Dog Eating Contest takes place at Nathan's. We were so tired by this time, we went home and ate stir-fry for dinner.

Our last day, Friday, was eventful. I wanted to see the Good Morning America teams, so we left early. On our way, we saw Coldpaly playing at the Today show, stayed for 2 songs and continued on.  When we got to GMA, they were about to start there last segment with Emeril Lagasse (you can barely see my head in min 54:50) making holiday pies. That was so cool, to see the people you see every morning in person. Josh is cute, but even cuter face to face; Robin is so tall and everyone else looks just as amazing. After the adrenaline wore of we realized that it was chilly, so where else did we go but Starbucks. The one by the GMA studio was so full, so we went down the street. I hadn't had a coffee from Starbucks in at least a year, but it was so good. It reminded me of college. I would go to Starbucks every Tuesday and Thursday before my accounting class.

We went back to Brooklyn to visit the Prospect Park Zoo and surrounding landmarks. We went home for a nap and spent our last evening at Chavela's Mexican Restaurant. It was great. We ordered guacamole served with tostadas or flour tortillas as an appetizer, which was so good. That night they had a really good Happy Hour; $2 tacos and $2 sangrias and beer. I had the Papas con Chorizo, Bistec, Chicken Mole, and Verduras (leftover from Bebe) tacos. They were all very good. We requested some salsa for some heat, and they had an awesome chipotle salsa that was so good and burned my mouth a little. The Sangria was so fruity and tasty and would have definitely had another if I wasn't so full from the tacos.

Over all we had a great time, and some great food.


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